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(April 2018)

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Birmingham social enterprise launches a pioneering running and mindfulness project to help students in the West Midlands improve their mental health and physical well-being

A Birmingham-based social enterprise is launching a pioneering intervention to help students in the West Midlands improve their mental health and wellbeing. TRiM, the campaign for Transforming Running into Mindfulness, uniquely combines running and mindfulness to help students who are struggling with stress and low mental well-being to improve their wellbeing, resilience and fitness to study.

Mike Buckle, the founder of TRiM, explained how he came up with the idea and his passion for improving the lives of young people in higher education.

‘I struggled with stress at university myself so personally know how difficult and detrimental that can be.  I’ve built my own resilience to stress through the powerful combination of running and mindfulness. Whist working as a student mentor at several universities, I’ve seen first-hand the large number of students who are struggling with psychological distress. I first thought of TRiM whilst out running after a challenging day at work.’

Here at TRiM, we believe that structured wellbeing-exercise interventions can have a transformative impact on the academic lives of students – helping to improve both mental and cognitive health, as well as physical health. Our mission is to significantly increase the number of students accessing the beneficial combination of aerobic exercise and mindfulness. We’re dedicated to providing accessible, affordable and structured support to students.

TRiM will be launching pilot ‘fitness to study’ workshops on university campuses in Birmingham and the West Midlands.  These workshops aim to:

  • Raise students’ awareness of the mental and cognitive health benefits of a combined approach to running and mindfulness.
  • Promote a fun, supportive and inclusive learning environment that fosters positive mental health and wellbeing.
  • Equip students with the practical skills, confidence and knowledge to establish healthy lifestyle behaviours that improve mental wellbeing.

In addition to workshops, TRiM plans to launch accessible online support services including a TRiM APP, practical learning resources, peer support groups, online courses and online mentoring.

Our vision is to have TRiM programmes in place across UK universities and to build a movement of TRiM runners – creating more resilient and healthier student communities.

TRiM is keen to work in partnership with higher education institutions, clinical commissioning groups and NHS services to tackle the issue of student stress (using TRiM as a cost-effective intervention).  If you’re a student who would like to try out TRiM or you’re an organisation interested in offering TRiM to your service users, you can e-mail TRiM at:

TRiM’s development and start-up has been supported by the The Lloyds Bank Social Entrepreneurs Start Up Programme, in partnership with School for Social Entrepreneurs, and jointly funded by Big Lottery Fund

TRiM’s financial model includes online membership packages, commissioning services, advertising and sponsorship. TRiM is a growing social enterprise with increasing reach. If you’re interested in sponsoring TRiM or advertising with TRiM, you can also email TRiM at

Find out more about TRiM at