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The TRiM project was founded by Mike Buckle in 2017 following his personal experience as a runner and latterly as a mentor supporting students at University with mental health difficulties.

I struggled with distress at University myself so personally know how difficult and detrimental that can be. Over the past ten years, I’ve built my own resilience to stress through the powerful combination of running and mindfulness.’

As a mental health practitioner, I was becoming increasingly interested in the efficacy of aerobic exercise and mindfulness interventions. However, I was acutely aware of the barriers that often prevented individuals from meeting exercise recommendations and realising the health benefits. 

‘The idea for TRiM came about whilst out running after a challenging day at work.’

With this in mind, the TRiM project successfully gained funding from The Lloyds Bank Social Entrepreneurs Start-Up Programme, in partnership with School for Social Entrepreneurs, and jointly funded by Big Lottery Fund in October 2017, to develop and pilot its business idea.

Following successful completion of the West Midlands SSE Start-Up Programme, the TRiM project was incorporated as a Community Interest Company in October 2018, with the purpose of improving physical and mental health outcomes among young people.


Despite the increasing efficacy of aerobic exercise and running for improving mental health and wellbeing outcomes, many people remain inactive and do not meet the Government’s weekly physical activity guidelines of 150 minutes of moderate to intense physical activity per week.

Researchers in the UK who monitored adherence to exercise found that upward of 50 per cent of people quit within six months of starting. Many people struggle to engage in physical exercise in the first place due to significant motivational and psychological barriers. Those who do start an exercise routine often struggle to establish or maintain it as a healthy lifestyle habit.

At present, conventional approaches to exercise tend not to be rooted in the body-mind connection. In reality, exercise can often be stressful and the discomfort and pain of exercise are usually more immediately felt than the benefits, which can be particularly problematic for individuals starting out. Too much physiological stress can cause further discomfort and distress, a break down in mind-body coordination, injury or dis-engagement from exercise altogether; resulting in a failure to develop the fitness necessary to realise the health benefits.

TRiM addresses these challenges by providing an accessible, inclusive and sustainable solution that aims to help individuals at risk of stress and mental health problems increase their exercise levels and access the psychological benefits of mindfulness through a mindful approach to aerobic exercise and running.

Aim Big, Challenge yourself at Trim Project - Transforming running into mindfulness (TRiM). Based in Coventry, Birmingham & Warwick. West Midlands, UK.
Trim Project Who we are Logo - Transforming running into mindfulness (TRiM). Based in Coventry, Birmingham & Warwick. West Midlands, UK.


Here at TRiM, we believe when the enhanced awareness developed through mindfulness is applied to running, it fuels our intrinsic motivation to exercise more. In turn, running with increased awareness not only enhances our enjoyment of exercise but our ability to stay connected with exercise for longer.

Combining mindfulness with exercise, creates a bridge between our body and brain, enabling us to become more aware of what’s going in our experience, so we can rationally decide how best to discern between good stress and bad stress. It can lead to a release of tension and greater fluidity of movement.

Running naturally leads us into a more mindful state, which makes it easier to fall into mindfulness awareness from a cognitive perspective. When running is combined with a practice such as mindfulness meditation, it helps us to cultivate a healthier state of mind and increases the opportunity for learning.

The combination of running and mindfulness make each activity more enjoyable and effective. It’s a win-win situation!


TRiM delivers structured exercise-wellbeing interventions for groups of individuals studying on university campuses and working in the public and corporate sector, with a vision of using a mindful approach to running as a strategy for managing stress and improving mental wellbeing.

Our active exercise-wellbeing programme aims to connect groups of individuals with a shared experience of stress and low levels of wellbeing to increase their physical activity levels. Combining mindfulness with walking, jogging and running to help connect body and mind. The emphasis will be on using a mindful approach to exercise to help:

  • Build Resilience
  • Release Stress
  • Boost Mood
  • Enhance Mindset
  • Improve Focus & Productivity

We want to empower individuals with the skills, knowledge and confidence to adopt and maintain healthy lifestyle habits that maintain positive mental wellbeing and improve mental health.

Trim Project Student Running Groups - Transforming running into mindfulness (TRiM). Based in Coventry, Birmingham & Warwick. West Midlands, UK.
Trim Project Get your running shoes! - Transforming running into mindfulness (TRiM). Based in Coventry, Birmingham & Warwick. West Midlands, UK.


In addition to workshops and courses, TRiM plans to develop an online platform that will provide accessible support services including membership to online courses, practical resources, peer support groups and accredited wellbeing exercise modules.

TRiM’s long term aims are to:

  • Increase participation in aerobic exercise and mindfulness programmes through TRiM’s outreach programme and services.
  • Provide access to TRiM courses, resources and programmes through TRiM’s online platform.
  • Integrate TRiM courses and programmes as a prevention and early intervention strategy for tackling mental health within existing wellbeing services.

We deliver TRiM programmes to a wide range of organisations. Universities sport and wellbeing services are our main clients at present. We will also work with organisations in the public and corporate sector.



TRiM’s development and start-up have been supported by the Lloyds Bank Social Entrepreneurs Start-Up Programme, in partnership with School for Social Entrepreneurs, and jointly funded by Big Lottery Fund.

The TRiM Project is currently being supported by Warwick Sport and has been funded by the British Universities & Colleges Sports (BUCS) and Sport England. TRiM is part of a group of projects at the University of Warwick that have been given BUCS Active funding to use physical activity as an intervention for tackling mental health issues during terms 2 and 3 of 2019.

TRiM is also collaborating with the IOPC in Birmingham about piloting a programme for employees in its workforce.

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National Lottery Funded - supporting Trim Project

The project is also being supported by:

TRiM is on the lookout for new partners and sponsors to get involved. If you feel you or your organisation could add value to TRiM’s mission or your University could benefit from our groups, get in touch.  Please contact enquiries@trim-project.org

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